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for Undergraduate or Postgraduate
Taught Degree Programmes

    1. Personal details

    Please attach a file of your Passport or ID:

    2. Further Details
    3. Details of the programme for which you wish to apply

    Level of the programme applied for*:

    Year in which you wish to start:

    Full programme title:

    4. Details of intended Fee Payment arrangements

    I will be paying my own tuition fees*
    I will be in receipt of a grant or partial scholarship*

    5. Physical or other disability or medical condition which might necessitate special arrangements or facilities:

    6. Qualifications - Please provide full details of educational background including institution name and dates attended, qualifications obtained, subjects and grades. Please attach photocopies of transcripts and certificates if available translated in english.*

    7. If your first language is not English, please state which qualifications (eg, GCSE, IELTS, TOEFL) in English Language you hold or are currently studying, the score or grade if known and date taken. Please attached a photocopy of certificate or test results score if available.

    8. Portfolio*

    Please prepare a portfolio of creative work which shows what you have done so far and what interests you. We are not looking for perfection as we appreciate you are still developing work. Your portfolio should be a PDF, ZIP file or links to websites or videos and can include:

    • A variety of art and design work – we want to see a range of styles and techniques

    • Work completed in or outside of your studies

    • Ideas that didn't work

    • Research: for example sketchbooks, scrapbooks of things that inspire you or design sheets

    • Photographs of 3D, and large 2D, work are acceptable

    • Uncompleted or work in progress is also useful to see

    • We suggest between 10 and 20 slides/images would be sufficient

    9. Personal Statement*

    Please state here your reasons for wishing to pursue your chosen course. Give details of any other relevant skills, such as Information Technology and Research Methods. Indicate any other achievements or experience that will support your application. Students should refer to their certificated level of proficiency in the English language.

    10. Declaration

    I confirm that the information given on this form is true, complete and accurate and no information requested or other significant information has been omitted. I have read the Terms and Conditions and i confirm that I have completed and signed this form myself.

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