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“We continue our commitment to nurturing creative thinking and the development of original ideas”

The tutors who teach in AAS are not ‘appointed’. They were selected among the best ones. Each tutor is an acknowledged professional in his/her field and has got rich professional experience. All of them have university education in Greece and renowned universities abroad. Most of them have completed postgraduate studies, a skill difficult to find in the fields of applied arts.

Nevertheless, apart from the skills mentioned above, the management of AAS believes that the tutor’s love and will to communicate his/her knowledge and experience to the students is the necessary prerequisite for the college’s co-operation with a tutor. The quality of knowledge acquired by our students and their creative cooperation with the tutors are reflected upon their project work every year.

The tutors of each course participate at least once a month in meetings, in which the chairman is the course leader and they discuss about the acceptance and understanding of the project briefs by the students, the organisation of the critics-presentations, the progress of the students, the attendance, the assessment criteria, the assessment, the feedback, etc.


The teaching staff is very important in the organisation of AAS courses but on the other hand, our students have an important role in it. We take their points of view and their critique into account. We give them the possibility to express their aspects through:


  • Meetings of each course team with student representatives twice a year, at the end of each semester.
  • Module evaluation questionnaires, in which each student places his/her tutors, the way of assessment, the quality of the project briefs, the college’s resources and premises and suggests ways of improvement.
  • Meetings with his/her personal tutor, who is responsible for the student’s progress.
  • Meetings with the course leader, who is responsible for the organisation of the course.

Meetings with the head of design department, who is responsible for the administration for the matters of quality and organisation of all courses that are run at AAS College.

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