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Why study at AAS College of Arts & Design?

AAS College is an official study center of the University of Sunderland and delivers the same curriculum and BA and MA degrees as the top quality UK university.

AAS College is renowned for its Art & Design Studies programs and benefits from the same level of artistic resources (such as the library, computers, and studios) you would expect from a leading British art school.

Students develop creative thinking and technical execution while forging close networks with other international students, local companies, and industry professionals. As an Art and Design student, you will develop a substantial portfolio and present your work at a degree show at the end of each academic year.

AAS is Greece’s only University College with such a range of British design courses across different levels. The faculty are talented and experienced, and the student/staff ratio remains low due to the school’s modest size. British standards of education are maintained through the full franchise collaboration with the University of Sunderland.

By choosing to study with us you are making a valuable investment in your future. To give you the best preparation for your career, we support you through our employment-focused teaching and learning, and through industry links, advice and careers guidance.

Induction Workshop

Every year during the last weeks of September the induction workshop takes place at AAS College of Arts & Design . It is an introductory workshop whose aim is to help students integrate normally in their design studies.

Teachers form study groups consisting of students of different fields. They give your group the project brief and they analyse it so you can learn the design procedure since the very beginning. You contact research collecting material and photographs; you assess your material, analyse the problem and proceed towards compiling your creative suggestions. And all these happen in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.


Portfolios gradually created by students during their studies play an important role in their professional development. By attending a three-year bachelor of honours course, you become accustomed to every aspect of your studies. This is aim of BA degree, so your portfolio contains every project you have created.

Following with precision your program of studies you can create a powerful portfolio reflecting your knowledge gained and your personal style. Your portfolio is your identity on design. It is different from every other one and gives your personal style for its quality on technical and artistic fields.

The AAS high level of portfolios is not accidental. It is a result of our curriculum and student quality. The quality portfolios ensure that you can find a working position after graduation. This can also happen while you are still an AAS  student

Degree show

Knowing how to present your work it is very important in the fields of art, communication and design. The AAS students get accustomed to this very important factor for their success. A degree show is organised at the end of every academic year, presenting our students works. Participation of our senior students consists a part of their assessment.

They also present their work to our external examiners who come from Great Britain for this particular reason. In this show the first and the second year, students take part with their projects as well as our foundation year.


During your studies, you are encouraged to take part in national and international competitions. In some fields, there is a relevant module based on student participation in competitions.

Studies on design are successful when connected with the market. There are always project briefs which represent real problems asking for solutions and connect education with the market in our curriculum. When you take part in a competition, you come in touch with a real design problem which you have to solve in a given time period.

Lectures, seminars and tutorials

There are a series of weekly lectures from visiting practitioners and designers, from a wide range of disciplines. The lectures cover the designer’s own research methods, inspiration, philosophies, design work and strategies. It will enable students to decide where they are best positioned within contemporary design and their aims for future.

Networking with the industry

The MA courses in AAS encourage students to have a more outward looking approach where they will be expected to look more closely at relevant designers working on similar topics and themes to themselves. This may include visiting relevant works and exhibitions to engage more readily with their chosen field of study and the designers involved. Taking an outward looking approach to industry will lead students into a networking activity that they can continue after studying on the MA.

MA Show – presentation

This is a presentation of the MA research study. On the MA event, that takes place every year on the AAS conference centre, the MA students present their work, explaining the methods and outcomes of their project. They display their final work in the MA area.

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