«The Graphic Designer experiences, perceives, analyses, organises, symbolises and synthesises» – Paul Rand
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Visual communication shapes how we experience the world. The BA(Hons) Graphic Design course reflects the range of possibilities designers employ in print and screen based media and considers how visual communication works in the context of cultural, technological and social change. Students are encouraged to explore and express their ideas through an understanding of visual perception, image making, typography, narrative and motion. They will also explore fundamental elements of art and design such as creative image making, colour, spatial awareness, composition and concept development. They are able to innovate and be original, bringing individuality to their work. Creative and out of the box thinking is applied as part of the philosophy of our programme of study. They can expect to have a career as a graphic or web and new media designer in a

  • design studio, or freelance, in consultancy and branding, typographic design
  • publishing, web design, persuasive design, corporate identity, packaging design,
  • interactive media and the media industries; may also continue to postgraduate study.

Appropriate working area is provided for students on the course in order to establish a working cross-disciplinary design community as well as encouraging personal development. As they grow in confidence and ability, they produce work to a professional standard in areas such as packaging, brand, and publicity, visual identity, editorial, publishing and advertising.

AAS College of Arts

36 months (3 years)

Educational form:

Education Variants:


Start Date:
27th September 2021

British Degree:
Bachelor Degree – University of Sunderland

BA (Hons) Graphic Design FACILITIES

AAS College is set in a modern, purpose – built university campus. Students learn in specially designed lecture rooms and theatre, laboratories, design studios and in flexible teaching spaces. Individual and group study spaces allow students to work alone or collaborate on projects. This course has dedicated graphics studios for workshops, group and independent working. They are equipped with projectors and screens and Macs or PCs or both. There are also campus digital media suites with software including: Adobe Creative Suite.

COURSE STRUCTURE (BA (Hons) Graphic Design)
Year 1 (national level 4):

Design Theory 1 (20 credits)
Join with students from other design courses to explore the most significant movements, theories and practitioners that have shaped design thinking and approaches over the years.

Introduction to Visual Communication (60 credits)
Take an introductory look at broad design principles, visual hierarchies, typography, software, layout and grid systems, colour theory and presentation. Apply these through hands-on creative projects.

Visual Communication and Design Principles (20 credits)
Explore visual graphic language through a schedule of exercises and design methodology aimed at encouraging an understanding of the technical and creative processes involved in graphic design.

Motion Graphics 1 (20 credits)
Look at approaches and techniques appropriate to the creation of moving graphics. Explore the theory and practice of designing, planning, editing and creating time-based, or ‘motion’ graphics through taught workshops.

Year 2 (national level 5):

Design Theory 2 (20 credits)
Continue to study the principles of design alongside students from other design courses.

Beyond Desktop Publishing (20 credits)
Get a basic introduction to the historical, theoretical and fundamental principles of typography and design. Follow this up with in depth practical research on typography, image creation and advanced layout techniques using new technology and traditional processes.

Contemporary Graphic Communication (40 credits)
Learn how to deal with a range of contemporary subjects and themes where outcomes provoke
opportunities for the audiences themselves to share in the act of communication, test design boundaries and explore creative concept, ethics and technique.

Motion Graphics 2 (20 credits)
Build upon knowledge gained from the stage one module and continue to explore the creative and visual possibilities of motion graphics.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Final year (national level 6):

Design Research Project (20 credits)
Research and write about a design area that is relevant to your intended career path.

Graphic Design and Professional Practice (40 credits)
Explore specific aspects of graphic design and choose a range of projects according to your own personal interests or portfolio/career needs. Demonstrate a wide range of independent research, creative and technical skills and create high quality work, which you can include in a formal portfolio.

Design – Final Major Project (60 credits)
Produce a project that will be the centrepiece of your showcase to future employers, demonstrating your fresh and creative approach to your discipline. Develop new and specific skills, explore creative direction and be immersed in the exploration of broad, deep, enquiring and focused communication.


Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course.

Assessment will be through assignments including design briefs (project work), competitions, presentations, seminars and group activities.


We have an excellent employment record with previous graduates working for some of the Greece’s top Graphic Design agencies while others have established their own creative design companies. Many graduates have successful careers within the wide area of Graphic Design, from advertising agencies to multi-disciplinary design groups. Other career opportunities exist within general design consultancies, in-house design studios, printing, education or freelance work. Our students also successfully progress onto MA Degrees.

Diploma and transcript from your high school Evidence of your ability in English language Portfolio Passport AAS Application Form completed

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You should apply direct to the AAS College. We accept applications throughout the year, but advise you to apply early. We would like to receive application forms before 30th of August.

All candidates are required to submit the following documents:

1. A Fully Completed Application

AAS Application Form completed

A scanned copy of your passport

2. English language certificate

Certified Photocopy of English Language qualification(s).

Undergraduate applicants must have a fluent command of the English language which can be proven via the following examinations:

TOEFL: paper based 550 / computer based 213 / Internet based 79-80 or

IELTS: 6,0 or other equivalent qualifications.

Candidates who have not acquired an English language qualification at the time of the submission of their application form are required to submit it at least one month before the commencement of the course.

3. Diploma of previous education

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or six IB Subject Certificates, or A Levels obtained locally

Certified Photocopy of the Diploma of Secondary Education (High School Diploma), along with the final year’s academic transcript

Candidates who have not yet graduated from high school at the time of application, should submit the available academic transcripts from their current year of study, as well as a full transcript from the previous year of study

If the High School Diploma is produced in another language it should be translated and verified in English

4. Portfolio

You can send us approximately 20 examples of your work with a short written commentary. Most of this work
can be in the form of photographs on a CD or a PDF file. It is helpful for us to see examples of your original
drawings too.

submit your documents via email to:
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