Aggela Kourliti

My name is Angela and I studied at AAS College and I am graduate of the BA(Hons) Fashion Promotion course.

My experience at the College was unexpected. As my first studies in Fashion Design were based on technical knowledge, the AAS offered me the experience of academic learning. It helped me to integrate in a proper way of education, as the curriculum I attended was British because of the franchise partnership of AAS. I was able to step on my own two feet, and become stronger as I had to learn to cope with large and demanding projects.

My teacher in marketing class was my mentor for all the years of school. His help was invaluable and I was able to gain knowledge that helped me in my professional career afterwards. Although Graphics was not my programme of study, I used to attend extra classes and lectures of this course, because made me more creative and to able to trust my aesthetics.

Finally, I met people from all over the world and managed to make very strong friendships with my classmates.

My experience at AAS will be unforgettable.

I found work immediately after my graduation at Minerva Underwear Company as a stylist and visual merchandiser.

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