Eleftheria Michalopoulou

It all started one day when I decided to do a postgraduate course in my country, without having to immigrate, but the main thing was to be able to offer me everything that the postgraduate programs in England and America offered me, which were my aspirations.

After much research, I found AAS College. From the first meeting I understood that it is a high level school, with requirements, but also the necessary certifications which are some of the fundamentals for a successful master’s degree.

In AAS College, I met specialized teachers in all programs but above all, people who care, who were by my side and were in a good mood to help and support me, even if I did not have their lessons in the curricula. This is something you do not find in large universities, because there, the procedures are more impersonal. The master’s degree helped me a lot to develop as a designer, to expand my knowledge but also to try even harder until I achieve my goal. It was a beautiful experience that if given the chance I would do it again.

After graduation I was hired by a company with handmade bags as a fashion consultant, pattern maker and technician. After 2018 until today I work in one of the largest Greek fashion companies, which is DOCA, as one of its main designers.

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