Iakovos Ioannidis

Starting my career as a graphic designer, I found myself looking for more in the communications industry. Video and audio editing, photography, copywriting, branding was the knowledge I was looking for when I first visited AAS, where I decided to study BA (Hons) Advertising.

At the moment, I am a communication designer through multiple media – technical and theoretical – as a photographer and videographer. My company undertakes complete communication productions from scratch to delivery. I have one of the largest and most organised spaces for rental photo studios in Greece and I have the good fortune to work with active commercial industries, as well as many fellow photographers and content creators.

My company is called IMAGE NATION and in addition to the productions it undertakes, it also operates as an open community and work environment, open to any communication and request for help from apprentices, graduates, students and professionals in the field of communication.

AAS College has been a major milestone in my career as a communication designer and art director. Through its facilities and teachers, AAS motivated me to research my subject, provided me with the appropriate theoretical foundations to develop my self-knowledge and confidence in communication, and helped me to better understand the wide range of options and my position in the communications design industry.











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