Applied Arts Studies

The AAS College of Art & Design was formed in 1990 with a view to providing academic and professional education.

AAS College is the Study Centre of the University of Sunderland in Design area in Greece and the partnership is full franchise.

At AAS College our students:

  • Be part of the international community of the partner British University.
  • Study British programmes and award British Degree.
  • Have access to e-libraries of the partner University.
  • Have access to the full range of dedicated art and design facilities of a learning specialist institution.
  • Pay low tuition fees.
  • Have the opportunity to be transferred for the final year to the main campus of the University of Sunderland in UK.
  • Belong to the UoS Alumni and they are informed about career opportunities worldwide.
  • Be taught by lecturers whose teaching standards are among the best in the whole Europe.
  • Parallel, they attend lectures via internet of the Sunderland’s academic staff at real time.
  • Exhibit their final year work at the Degree Show and until graduation have developed a qualitative portfolio that impress potential employers.
  • All our most recent graduates have been rated “excellent” in the workplace environment, placing the AAS in the top of Higher Education in Design sector.

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